Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Whatsapp app tehnology

Instant Messaging services seek to develop new functions, some with vital changes and other features that reveal how they will work in the near future.

Many of these advances are instructed by programmers in prerelease versions of mobile applications, where are tested implementations to make improvements to potential failures.

With almost 1000 million users, WhatsApp is one of the services that manage to grab the attention of the entire community of developers and users. And Javier Santos, a programmer of Seville identified a series of changes to the messaging service detailing a connection with social networking site Facebook, according to a report of the newspaper the country .

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg acquired the mobile chat for 19,000 million dollars and always said that WhatsApp would be so independent, unrelated to the social network, in a manner similar to Instagram and Oculus, the other two glittering acquisitions of Facebook.

Recent form, WhatsApp announced that it will cease charging the payment of 1 dollar annual, and which will generate revenue through professional services companies. At the same time, he said that they remain to the free ad platform, as it details the nation.

WhatsApp uses the cell phone number to identify users, and is not associated with an email account or a Facebook profile, although the latter could change in future updates, according to what was reported by Santos. The objective aims to share these data to improve the user experience of the social network, according to the screenshots published by the programmer in your profile Google +.

For his part, Snapchat, ephemeral instant messaging service, was also under the eye of developers in their versions of evaluations. One of the changes who plan to incorporate in the next versions are in video calling, and also evaluates to add messages of audio, a feature well known by users of WhatsApp, according to confirmed by the Los Angeles Times.

Today announced first that has born a social network 100% of Spanish origin who aspires to become a generator of opinions among the mobile public. This is Affinaty, a platform based on the opinions of the users and which aspires to become a true reference when pressed how citizens view the most interesting issues that occur in their environment and the latest hot topics. In short, to create debate.

Today, the App for mobile version of the social network at the store Android Google Play, for those who want to use in your smartphone or tablet is now available. After several months in beta and then only for computers, where has already added close to 1,000 users and generated more than 12,000 views listed in 34 categories, now comes to mobile phones with an adaptation which makes it an essential application for the day of any fan of social networks.

Affinaty is born with the challenge of becoming the largest network social opinion, totally free, and with the options of express or ask for opinions, with format type survey where possible to select up to 5 answers are allowed. With a very intuitive format, it is the only platform on the market that offers a matching of affinity among users through their opinions to find new friends or form interest groups. And the first offering statistical data associated with perceptions, segmented by sex, range of age, province, and results of the voting. Also offers content through the opinions by categories (34 at the time), another novelty in the world of social networks, in addition to providing a ranking of people who are more related to each user according to the different views expressed.

In terms of design, the idea of its creators is to create something fresh, clear, intuitive navigation, a simple registration mode and some of the most common features and known by users of social networks, such as the creation of post and profiles, messaging and notification system, invitations or voting, users tracking , etc.

According to Marcos Azcona, head of Genlab Digital, Affinaty creative company: "we wanted to create a new, ground-breaking, social network that allows total interaction between users, but also to generate debate, make us lose our fear to express our opinion or ask for the opinion of others. Here you can do it easily. And thanks to our algorithm and incorporating the latest developments in the digital world, with technological development led by one of the founding members of one of the world most popular social networks, Tuenti, allows to know