Friday, January 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best smartphones that have been launched this year. However, the truth is that the Smartphone has not been released in Europe. Spain will be in the month of January, it seems. Are you going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it is released in Europe?

Samsung Galaxy 5 Note
Samsung launches every year two high-level smartphones. In addition, this year has also launched some variants of this. However, two best smartphones remain the same, in new version, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You must also have two versions of the ship logo, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, the two mobile phones with curved screen. However, these four smartphones, there is one that is released in Europe, Galaxy Note 5. And the truth is that if we would have said that one of these was not going to launch in Europe, we had stated that it would be any of the versions with curved screen, because the Galaxy Note has always been one of the best sellers. But Samsung not released it in Europe, so far, it seems that the new Smartphone will come in January. Now, the users will buy it?


The major problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be the Samsung Galaxy S7. If you already by itself were to spend only six months since the launch of the Galaxy 5 Note until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, it will still be more relevant in the case of Europe, since launching the Galaxy 5 Note in January, and is officially presenting the Samsung Galaxy S7 in February, seems complex that users want to buy the new smartphone being able to buy soon after a new generation mobile improved with a processor.

In any case, I ask you, you are going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, or prefer already buy the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Each manufacturer has a strategy and some weapons with which to face different markets, but certainly it's a bad news that, for the moment, there is no a date for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy 5 Note to Spain, although part of the reason is known.

From the Korean company maintain the official discourse on the notecincogate and his arrival in Spain. "The availability of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 different markets will vary depending on the needs of consumers, and of the situation in each of the markets. "Samsung Galaxy 5 Note will be presented in the United States and Asia in August and, from there, we will see potential opportunities to launch in other markets".

Part of the reality of this speech is that since Korea they have noticed that the European market has not responded equally to the range Note. I.e., Spain and Germany, for example, have been places where previous versions of the Note have been well received, but not so in other countries. This circumstance Samsung would have been pretty emphatic and, if it is not distributed in all European markets, at the moment will not be none, included, in spite of many users, the Spanish.

The perfect pairing for the excuse in the non-arrival of Note 5, according to the Korean company, is that "for our European consumers, Samsung portfolio will focus on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, in order to be able to better serve your needs".

In this way, it is completely in the air the arrival in Spain of a range of terminals liked in our country. Maybe their volume of sales, due to its high price, has been below other terminals, but its solvency as phablet has always excited the specialized press as well as users.