Thursday, February 11, 2016


Pictures of Instagram can be stored on the smartphone just by being divided itself. Those who do not want to, have to go a little detour. The easiest way is to take a screenshot. But then you have the image specially cut again, which is not necessarily conducive to the quality.
With the free app InstaSave Android users can download all the pictures that you have marked with "like". The picture you can after downloading and entliken quickly. For iPhone and iPad users, the app Gramory fulfills the same functions.

Useful websites to complement Instagram
Instagram there is to look on the Internet and for the PC: under you can log in with their user data and thus obtains a better overview: pictures appear much larger, comments can be easily post and its profile is functional ,
Who do not like, you can also try with This is a free viewer with many other functions: Once you have logged in with his Instagram data, you can watch as the images in three different sizes or Instagram gallery into a website or blog to embed.

1. Disneyland, USA.

Who does not want that the big wide world sees all published Instagrambilder, should look at his privacy settings again: When setting up Instagram, the profile is namely automatically open to the public. So you can change this:
First, you call his profile on Instagram. Top right, click on the three little white dots. This will open a menu, here you activate the item Private Account. Now only confirmed people can view the pictures and videos. Existing subscribers are retained.

Happened again: Ghost followers disrupt the account or a user annoys with his constant comments. How to block unwanted followers: First recall their own profile, then go to subscribers. There you choose the specific contact that you want to delete and go to the profile. Top right are in turn three white dots, click to it, a menu opens.

Selfie here snapshot as: By the time the photo collection is growing on the smartphone and plug the memory. But only a fraction of the photos is really nice. Manually sorting out the images and barley, annoying and takes too much time. Remedy wants to create the app gallery Doctor. We have tested it.

Immediately after installation of the gallery Doctor starts a first analysis of the photos on your smartphone. Do you want a certain image folder - such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter - exclude them, as you must in three-point menu under "Custom Scan" Remove only the respective hook. Then, the app presents you the results. Among other things, sorted in "bad pictures" that have been identified as blurred or over and under exposed, and "similar photos" showing twice the same motif. All other rated good pictures end up in "Photos Preview". Moreover, I saw on my smartphone yet "long videos", "WhatsApp photos for consideration" and "Screenshots".

No panic: Automatically deletes gallery doctor but no images. You must still accept the proposals in the folder and then you can delete all the bad and duplicate photos in one go. but I do not recommend it, delete marked as bad or twice Photos unaudited. Because the app uses other standards as a human being. You have the proposals definitely go through again and remove any photos that you want to keep, from the purge list. Nevertheless, it is worth my opinion, the views of the rejected by the App shots, because the gallery Doctor promoted pictures for days I could erase, but would have to scroll in the huge gallery long.

The second way to delete gallery Doctor Photos, recalls the dating app Tinder. but your not sorted potential life partner, but the pictures on your smartphone through in useful and useless. With a mop to the right - or clicking on the upward green thumb - you keep the displayed photo. A wiper to the left - or a click on the bowed down red thumb - and the app will delete the image. A side effect of this selection method: Gallery Doctor learns which photos you like and adapts its suggestions. Take your as many low or high key images on to land the corresponding recordings after a certain time no longer in the "bad pictures".